>I'm Lou Lessing.
>I'm a freelance game programmer based out of Reno, NV.
>I am not much of a web designer.
>I program primarily in C#, but I'm versatile and very willing to learn new languages.

>>I made Pyramid Love, a symbol font for Icehouse games.
>>I'm making a mellow game about breeding colorful fish.
>>Back in college, I worked on a platform fighter with ghosts in it. You could play it if you wanted to.
>>I also have an alpha of a rather impolite party game about swanboats, if you're into that sort of thing. There's no tutorial or anything, so good luck!
>>Also a tech demo about fractal mazes.
>>And... a weird thing I made for a game jam back in like 2013?

>>My email adress is loulessing@gmail.com
>>(This is a pdf of my resume.)